23 February 2009


I spotted Paul's hat first as I was driving past.

I parked the car and scurried over to ask if I could photograph him. He looked slightly baffled and amused to begin with but agreed. He was putting a fence up, so had only a brief moment to stop

19 February 2009


Brilliantly chilled about me taking her picture! And she was very easy to photograph!
The strong contrasts in her hair really work well in black and white

17 February 2009


I was driving somewhere and stopped at a little Farm Shop. As I got out of the car, a head appeared at the farm shop doorway and smiled quickly, before darting back in. I immediately noticed that she had a face I'd like to photograph - especially her smile.
As I was paying at the till, I asked her if I could and explained about this project. She replied 'if you must' and laughed. I took a couple of shots quite quickly, she moved quite a lot, but it was the final one that produced the smile I'd seen, it appeared as we heard footsteps approaching the shop and we were wondering how we were going to explain this.