16 March 2009


"alright then".

I really expected James to say no, as he didn't look very impressed when I asked. I realised that he just had an understated style - didn't give very much away. He didn't try to do anything or pose, which was absolutely perfect. It was almost as though this happened to him everyday, he seemed very relaxed.

I found him while I was looking at some local railway works, lots of volunteers were around trying to bring an old railway back to life. It's quite a scene

"One of the blokes who works here told me I should come and look at it all - so I am"


  1. oh great face, he does look a bit stern doesn't he? I'm itching to look at the lot, but got to work now. sigh. looking forward to seeing more

  2. thanks Afrocelt!! This is one of my favourite ones.