22 March 2009

Maurice and Barbara

Just on this occasion, I will break with tradition and post four photographs of two people. I found this couple walking together in a market town. They were looking in shop windows, talking, laughing and generally looking completely happy with their lot.
I asked if I could photograph Barbara initially, but then decided to take photographs of each of them after noticing what a lovely kind face Maurice had. (Barbara had said 'yes, he does have a lovely face')
We talked for a good long while, beginning with Barbara proudly announcing '80 and 85!'. I was astonished at this. They both look amazing. And they still had such energy. Barbara was telling me how when she popped into a shop a moment ago, Maurice had tried to hide around a corner - but she had spotted him when she came out. We all realised that what was keeping these two young was their sense of fun. Maurice looked proudly at Barbara as I took her photograph and as I photographed Maurice, Barbara adjusted his collar and jacket. These small gestures spoke volumns about the quality of their relationship.
Maurice asked towards the end 'if we get married, will you photograph the wedding?'. Barbara gently clouted him 'we're already married!'

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