27 April 2009


"That's what everyone calls me"

I asked to photograph Red and he agreed after I made a small donation towards a beer. Infact he said I could take as many as I wanted, he'd even take his shirt off. I did take two in the end.

"It's a good job you asked first, or I might have walked over and started shouting at you"

We talked about his hair. I'm sure that's not a very original thing to ask about. "It doesn't take long to sort. It's just imperial leather. That's all"

What I like about ths photo is that I remember that he could probably seem quite threatening, but you can also see something of the boy he once was.


  1. I look at your photos every day and want to comment, but everything seems so trite. But I know what it's like to be really proud of something and have no comments. So, here we go. I think it's fascinating how much more complex and complete people seem in photographs than in real life. In real life, we are much to busy/scared/intimidated/unobservant to see the person behind the stereotype. I love this guy and his little kid smile and his somehow cute anarchy tatoo.

  2. thank you so much Jessi. You are right - it's LOVELY to get comments. And I think you have summed up exactly how I feel about photographs. A way to hold the moment and look at it a little closer