11 March 2009


"I made a film documentary in Moscow about Russian dissidents. In 1976"

We were talking about the bravest thing Alan had ever done. He put out his cigarette and told me this.

I had felt quite nervous taking this picture, as when I asked to photograph him minutes before he had simply said 'no you can't' rather abruptly, and walked off. I don't often get a no and it does take a moment or two to recover from feeling rather deflated and embarrassed.
As I turned back, thinking about heading back to the car, I saw him striding towards me. I averted my gaze, feeling slightly concerned that he was going to shout at me!
Infact he very kindly said 'sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude. Why do you want my photograph?'. I explained and he immediately said yes. I hadn't felt he had been rude, but was very touched by his returning.

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