7 March 2009

David. Puppet Man

"people don't usually ask to take a picture"

He was surprised at me asking him directly. I was aware I could probably photograph him along with everyone else that just goes ahead and does so. But I ask everybody else, so figured really this should be no different. And at least this way he stopped bobbing about and I could get a more candid direct personal photograph.

Anyone from Norfolk is almost certainly familiar with the puppet man - he has become a cult figure.
For those not from these parts, he is a busker who stands in the same spot in the city centre. He has a small stereo playing cheesy old tunes. He holds a few puppets and just kind of jiggles them out. A simple routine.
People new to the area look worried and bewildered. Others are either fascinated or indifferent.
Anyway, seemed mad not to approach and ask for a photograph of his face. I deliberately didn't include the puppets as I wanted to capture JUST him.
He gave me this big grin. Just the one shot.
It was followed by quite a lengthy, often pretty surreal conversation. And this was interspersed with showing me photographs on his mobile phone.

"I think I most enjoyed life when I was about 19/20. When I was out having fun. Those are the best things I remember. I didn't really have all that much of a happy childhood. But those times were great"

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