10 March 2009


"I'm probably there now"

Diana said this when we were talking about what sort of age she considered to be the prime of life.
She was walking with a friend and I noticed her very bright unselfconscious smile from quite a distance away.
She laughed a lot during this (all three shots show a big smile), it was partly nervousness at agreeing to be photographed but it was also clear that she does laugh and smile a lot. It was genuine and I enjoyed capturing it.

I joked that yes, she was probably right and that it was all downhill from now - referring to the obvious fact that I was over a decade older than her and not nearly so vibrant. She suddenly felt slightly embarrassed - but saw the funny side.

Diana is originally from Greece. She came to Norwich when she began university seven years ago.


  1. This is such a good blog idea. It's lovely to read some of the stories, really poignant.

  2. thanks very much Kath. Glad you are enjoying it!