30 April 2009


"I remember one time going to visit a hostel to see if they could give me a room, everyone said that if you got an interview there, then you'd definitely get a room. Well, they then said 'no, we don't have a room.......but would you like to have a look around anyway?' and I was dragged around this place, looking at all the rooms...and the warm beds...and it was like 'look what you could have won.!'. I thought, well, they are either insensitive...or sick..!"

Fiona was selling The Big Issue. We chatted about how things were for her. She was laughing and said that she didn't know what to do with her face as I took the photograph. I said 'well, you could just pretend you are messing about in front of the mirror' and she pulled this face for me!

"Years ago, I was doing a protest, in Derbyshire, about some environmental damage that was going to happen. It was real living in trees stuff...and then from there I ended up living in squats, it all sort of went down from there. I'm in a hostel place now until I can get my own home, not an easy place to live in. There are lots of people that haven't learnt how to look after themselves at all. I cope better than some, I'm used to the knocks, being a bit older - but I don't know how really young people cope with it.

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