26 May 2009


"I'm only 91 you know"

Georgina had beckoned me closer to her to tell me this just after I took her photograph. I had found her sitting at a table in a bakery. I was not sure if I would get a good shot in the dim light, but was not about to ask her to move of course. And actually, this image very much captures how she appeared to me as I passed - her eyes twinkling in the low light. She had a beautiful soft Scottish accent

"I'm originally from Dundee, but have lived in Norfolk a good many years now. During the war, I worked in the aircraft at Glasgow.....the world is a very different place now"


  1. I think this is my favorite photo thus far. I'm in LOVE with the lighting!! And the angle! You're definitely an inspiration to me. The other day I thought to myself, "I want to start one of these!" I saw the perfect person to ask, but then I clammed up and couldn't make myself ask him for a photo. You're my hero! Hahaha!

  2. Oh! I and I LOVE that she beckoned you closer to tell you that she's ONLY 91!! Hahaha! I love it!

  3. thank you le nez. Was looking at your blog the other day actually and was thinking some of your pics were amazing!!
    Def ask the next face. The first is that hardest.....and the first one again after a 'no'.....;-)