9 March 2009


"We've just joined the circus"

I spotted James at a bus stop with a female friend when I was driving down the street. They were moving around a lot. She was juggling. They looked happy, colourful and carefree. I drove into a side street to park my car, and ran back to the bus stop. A nightmare on the way as while preparing the settings on my camera, it refused to work and I had to struggle to get it to wake up (have to buy a new one soon!). Was sure that by the time I reached the stop they would be gone, as I saw two buses go past.
But there they were. And they were very cool about this puffed out red cheeked woman turning up and whooping"I can't believe you are still here!"

"Best decision I ever made was to join the circus. We really have just joined the circus. We're on our way now to our second tour with The Foolhardy Folk. I'd love to be a famous clown one day!"

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