18 March 2009


"An old girl like me?"

Dear Jean couldn't imagine why I wanted to photograph her, she thought it was very funny. I'd spotted her lovely face when I saw her chatting to a friend on a street corner.

"Oh my friend was just making me laugh so much. Her husband has false teeth...keeps taking them out. He took them out and left them on the sofa of all places. Well. The dog got them! And he chewed them up and now he needs to get a new set"

"I'm 93 now. Life can be hard now. I can hardly see, and you miss so much when you can't see well. But I try to get out every day. I have a lovely daughter, grandchildren, great grandchildren.
In that pub over there....sometimes I walk past and there are some people there outside who are very drunk and, you know, they can be very chatty. But I always say hello, and stop to chat, within reason... I think that's important. Everybody is a person aren't they? It's better to be friendly isn't it? One girl the other day....she had drunk quite a lot..you know..she came over to me.....and she is twice my size...she wrapped me up in her arms and said 'oh you are lovely, you always talk to me'. I thought to myself 'hmm, I don't really NEED this...!'...but what could I do?'
But you have to have the right...attitude...you do. And I know that if I got any trouble in the street, those people would be the first to step forward and help


  1. Oh wow! I love all these but this one is my favourite!

    Marie xxx

  2. thank you Marie!!!

    And thank you Bee, I very nearly told Jean I loved her actually. She is a gem

  3. what a fantastic attitude to life.....

  4. Hello Lynette!

    Yes, I said to her that it was probably her attitude that has got her to 93..


  5. Jean's lovely - she can be my grandma any day :-)