8 April 2009


"I don't come from Norfolk. But I've lived here for some time now - and I just love it"

I walked past Karen initially, but then walked back. I hesitated to ask for two reasons. The first being that she was sitting eating her lunch outside a cafe in peace and I don't like to disturb people that are taking time out. The second being that as she is quite classically beautiful, it might not necessarily mean an interesting photograph. But her face is also a kind warm one, and I do like the picture very much. It helped that she was sitting against a dark background, it almost looks like a studio rather than a street shot.
She didn't mind at all being disturbed and was very happy to talk a little while after two shots.

"I was quite a risk taker once. Had a one way ticket travelling around the world...but now I have a child. So things are very different. But this is good actually, it's lovely to have my feet on the ground and for everything to be calm. Like a relief.
Really when I think about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, it all somehow comes back to my son and what I get from being his mother"

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