2 March 2009


"I don't breathe much"

Kev was sitting playing his flute, so I stopped further down the street to wait for him to take a break so that I could ask to photograph him. I waited a good 15/20 mins and he continued. I wandered off a while and then returned and waited more. Still he played.
Just as I was going to give up and move in (really didn't want to interrupt him), he stopped. Even then, as I nearly reached him, he was lifting the flute to continue.
He said I could photograph him. I said that I thought he'd never take a breath.
I didn't talk to him further as I saw he wished to continue, I simply made a donation, got his name and that one line.


  1. I really love your blog, it's so unique, love the concept and I can also tell that you really love what you blog :-)

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