19 March 2009


"People. Communicating"

I had asked Philip - what was he good at?
I had just walked past an estate agents and he had been looking out of the window. Immediately, I decided he would be a good image for this project. I went into the office and there were several people working at their desks. I explained what I was doing and said I had seen a face. I then asked Philip. The other people in the office sighed with relief

He kindly stepped into the doorway and we talked some more as I took his photograph

"I'm afraid of failure" Philip didn't hesitate when I asked if he was afraid of anything

"When I was a child, I got into big trouble when I stole the school photograph money. I was supposed to hand in £7.50 to the school, but I pocketed it. It wasn't difficult for them to work out who had it"

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