27 March 2009


"I was a very headstrong child. I still am very headstrong.."

Trisa was peering out of the shop that she manages as I passed. We caught each other's eye and her face made an impact on me - the brightness of it mostly. I backtracked and her eyes followed me into the store, widening with curiosity and confusion by the second!
She happily agreed to be photographed - she was very easy to capture, she simply didn't try too hard

"My partner is the most important thing in my life. We've been together 17 years now - we're getting married this year"

"I do get ideas that other people think are odd, like I have got some rollerblades and I want to start rollerblading to work! I have a memory of being on rollerblades when I was younger and I was good at it, but I'm expecting it to feel very different now I'm older.."