16 April 2009


"I'm a Romany Gypsy. I'm not travelling now. But I grew up travelling and I was born in a trailer"

Charlie was pushing her little boy in a buggy down the street. I noticed her face - her strong eyes. I remarked as I took her photograph that she looked like somebody that could take care of herself. She told me that when she was a child she had **** in some newspaper and thrown it at her older sister during one of their conflicts. I said I wasn't sure if I'd write that or not - I think really I was checking out with her if I should. She replied 'why not? You could write poo instead?' She laughed a lot.

I asked her what she was most proud of. Without a moments hesitation, and with great emphasis, she replied 'my son'.


  1. hi its charlie 1st time ive seen photo of me it just goes to show domestic violence isnt worth avin. to use wots in yr ear to pad out wot left in of yr nose my party piece :)

  2. thanks Charlie
    Hope you don't hate the picture!
    I hadn't even noticed your nose - your eyes (and your earrings) are more distracting (in a good way)
    thanks for comment! Hope you and your son are both well