17 April 2009


"I've travelled to a lot of places. I love to travel. The best place I ever visisted was the west coast of Australia, it was incredible"

Jean was very interesting. She seemed very serious and rather aloof, even when talking - but this concealed a warmth. She remarked that I was left handed - as she is. I wasn't surprised at this - she sort of reminded me of myself .

"Luckily, despite being from a generation where many were taught not to be left handed, my father - he was a chemist, a bright man, did not try to stop it"

She had a good humour, even when I completely put my foot in it by remarking 'yes, you look tired' after she told me she was exhausted from lots of walking that day. They were visiting from Liverpool.
I offered, as usual, a handshake at the end and got a very warm handshake in response

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