24 May 2009


"When I was a child I set fire to the Darland Banks - they are alongside the river in Kent - where I lived then. It was deliberate too - we had made firebombs, on a timer, and were walking along letting them off. But then I ended up working for years as an Operations Manager for off-shore gas platforms!"

I really enjoyed chatting with John, his wife somewhat talked him into the idea of having his photograph taken - he was initially a little shy about the idea.

"I'm probably frightened of lots of things. I'm not frightened of spiders like lots of people are but I am careful about them. Don't really like touching them much. Don't like snakes. And I wouldn't swim in a river that had crocodiles"

I asked if there was anything he'd never done that he'd love to do..

"I wouldn't mind looking at the titanic"

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