18 April 2009


"We are all from Zimbabwe. We live here now and we come here every Sunday to worship and meet together"

I had walked passed this church many times before and had heard the wonderful heartfelt singing inside. As I walked there on this day, many of the congregation were preparing to leave and packing up their cars. Joy was walking down the street carrying lots of things, and was taking her shoes off as her feet were aching. Some singing could still be heard inside. An older lady was leaning against a car talking to somebody inside and also gently singing to the hymn playing inside the church - a baby snuggly wrapped on her back snoozing. The atmosphere was warm and the feeling of community very strong.

Joy was happy to be photographed - though slightly cautious about where the picture would be. Once I explained again, she seemed more relaxed and she proudly showed me her two lovely children that were standing nearby.

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