7 April 2009


"Well you get some youngsters now that just wreck things around them and all of that. And I just never would have dared do that. I just wouldn't have. I don't know if it was how I was brought up. Especially my mother. Just..respect...you know...
Even if I dared say, like in conversation, 'that John...over the road.." , it would be 'oi! It's Mr Smith to you.."

Kenneth was talking about just one of the ways in which the world seems so very different to him now.

"I would say I was happy. That's important to me. I think I've always been pretty happy really. I'm a country boy. I ran a farm for 14 years. Working hard and being outside works for me"


  1. That's my Grandad!!!! Yay Grandad!!!!

  2. How lovely. Yay for your grandad!
    thank you for your comment :-)