14 April 2009


"I have a secret desire to live in LA....but I feel sort of like I shouldn't want to do something like that. But wouldnt it be interesting?! I don't know when it became a bad thing to want to live somewhere like that, but it feels like something I shouldn't admit to!"

I really enjoyed chatting with Megan and the friend she was sat with. She is honest and very easy to talk with. She was interested in this project and then joked that she felt she ought to think of something really witty to say

"I don't know what to do! What do I do with my face?........."

As it happened she was very easy to photograph, I liked all 3 shots. In the end I chose this one for here, as it captures the strength of her personality. But I also added another to the slideshow.

"My parents are not really the type to teach me things in the way some parents do. Not in that way. They've left me to work a lot out for myself"

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