21 April 2009


"I would love to go and see the Orangutans in Indonesia! I went to Indonesia, but didn't quite make it to do that!"

Monique was a bit taken aback by my request, she came around a corner just as I did and I quickly asked before even really thinking about it. I was a bit surprised also. But she was very good natured about it, simply replying 'yeah! Why not?' (music to my ears!)
And even when I suddenly became completely incompetent with my camera, fumbling about in my rush, she added 'it's okay, I'm not really in any hurry'.

I asked - what she was good at? This is a
question people often seem to struggle to answer, but I still like to ask it on occasion...

"What am I good at?.....That's difficult.......I'm good at socializing!"

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