19 April 2009


"Well, I don't see why not!"

..was Peter's cheery generous response to my request to photograph him. I explained to him where the picture would be and he laughed
"is this..the internet?....I'm afraid that is all rather beyond me! I will let my daughter know though, she has it! And the grandchildren!"

Peter was a lively easy character to talk with. It was easy to photograph him, despite being on a very narrow pavement by a busy road with people passing very close by us every few seconds. And he was on his way to a meeting, so had to be quick - we talked as I took 3 shots.

"I've had many many jobs. One of the first was mining - between the ages of 18 and 21. Then I joined the army - was based in the Middle East. Now....I have two lovely daughters...and the grandchildren"

We shook hands. He remarked 'your hands are VERY cold dear!'. I replied - 'yes, I've been walking the streets for a while!'
We both paused in realisation.
He just smiled, then laughed, and as he began to walk away - said 'that doesn't sound QUITE right dear...'

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