12 April 2009


"I was scared of spiders...for ages...years. But I'm not now. I started with picking up little ones. Not picked up any big ones yet really..."

Pia talks. And talks. She told me this herself, so am sure she won't mind me mentioning it! She is incredibly social. I first spotted her in a shop where she works, a week or so ago. She was talking with a friend that had come in. I liked her energy and decided I'd wait around and ask her when she had finished talking with her friend. But after 15 minutes or so, I had to leave and decided I'd come back another time.

On this day I wondered if she might be in the shop and headed back that way.
As I approached the shop, she was dragging heaps of cardboard across the road and talking loudly and laughing with some people across the street. I decided to follow her to ask for her photograph. She wandered down an alleyway to some bins, oblivious to me walking behind her. When I asked her, she didn't hesitate to let me take her picture.

And neither did she really stop talking. Telling me about her night out the evening before...and that she is 51....and that she is called Pia because her father is Italian. I got 2 quick shots of her not talking, but they really don't capture her anything like this picture of her doing what she does best! Then we walked back together to her shop, and she chattered all the way.

"I'd really really love to go on the Eastern Orient Express! Wouldn't that be amazing? I'd love that"

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