25 April 2009


"I'm not frightened of anything because when I find something that is challenging, I challenge myself to overcome it. Mind over matter"

And here is Wally Webb, radio presenter for BBC Radio Norfolk. He came to visit me in his radio car yesterday morning to talk about this project on 'Breakfast With Bumfrey'. He agreed to be a face for this project and chatted with me a while after the interview.

"I have been doing this work for 28 years now and I always say I retired 28 years ago because I love the work so much. Each day I wake and cannot wait to go to work. The biggest risk I ever took was leaving the RAF all those years ago - but I am so glad I did it!
One of the best things that's ever happened, a great achievement, was a charity banger racing thing I took part in. I started off 42nd in the field and then won it! And I didn't even realise I'd won when I passed the line as I was so into it! It felt great! That was back in the 80's but I've never forgotten it!"

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