31 May 2009


"I work for an insurance company...but the rest of my life is much more interesting.."

Matthew said yes to being photographed but remarked 'though it's not a good day, I look a bit rough!'

"I love to write. But it's so hard to get the time and energy when you have another job. I like to party too.."

"One of my best memories from being a kid is camping at Waxham. They were good times"

30 May 2009


"I'm afraid of one thing. Talking on the phone. I hate it"

Rose was with a group of friends. It is pretty scary to approach a group but they were all friendly and it was fine. However, as I took the shot, they all scarpered from the view of the camera like I'd just thrown a grenade at their feet.

"When I was at primary school, I got into big trouble for trying to escape from school...they had left a gate open, so I just got out. But then a friend's mum saw us and so that was it..."

29 May 2009


"I'm most proud of my son. He's the most important thing in my life"

Becka comes across as a strong individual with very clear ideas. She was easy to photograph and relaxed. Her son was with her and they were having a fun time together.

"The best trip I've ever been on is to Morocco. They love children there. We went mule trekking. It was wonderful"

"I feel like a woman of two halves. mother and career woman. I have to keep the two very separate. It's like having two lives"

28 May 2009


"I'd like to go to one more festival. Womad is my favourite"

Sandy was great fun. She has a brilliant sense of humour and was great to talk to. She describes herself as an 'old hippy' and is proud of that.

"...when I was at Convent School, I scratched 'Cliff, Elvis, Adam and Dick'. That's Adam Faith and Richard Chamberlain. Though I found out later that Richard was gay so that was a bit stupid of me. Anyway, the nuns caught me and fined me 5 shillings to get the desk mended. But they never did get the desk mended. I've often wondered what they did with the money! Perhaps they spent it on gin!"

27 May 2009


"I'm a guitarist. Once I played Derby Punks Picnic in my boyfriend's pants!"

Sue was great fun. I found her stood with a friend outside a restaurant. She was completely up for being photographed -

"I just don't care! I'm so vain!" She laughed a lot

Sue also talked about her children very affectionately and how they were the most important thing in her life.

I decided to add the colour version of this shot to the slideshow album.

26 May 2009


"I'm only 91 you know"

Georgina had beckoned me closer to her to tell me this just after I took her photograph. I had found her sitting at a table in a bakery. I was not sure if I would get a good shot in the dim light, but was not about to ask her to move of course. And actually, this image very much captures how she appeared to me as I passed - her eyes twinkling in the low light. She had a beautiful soft Scottish accent

"I'm originally from Dundee, but have lived in Norfolk a good many years now. During the war, I worked in the aircraft at Glasgow.....the world is a very different place now"

25 May 2009


"You don't know how honoured you are...I HATE having my photograph taken.."

I DID feel very honoured.
Rick had said 'no thanks' when I had asked. I had spotted him from the other side of the street and hurried across the road to him
"That's fine, no problem, it's just that I'm doing a photographic project..." and suddenly he interrupted and said
"Oh go ON then....!"

I was SO pleased and grateful (I cringe as I remember that in my excitement I called him sweetheart..!)

I didn't hold him up any longer after the shot, it was clear he was happy to move on. Just long enough to get his name and shake his hand

24 May 2009


"When I was a child I set fire to the Darland Banks - they are alongside the river in Kent - where I lived then. It was deliberate too - we had made firebombs, on a timer, and were walking along letting them off. But then I ended up working for years as an Operations Manager for off-shore gas platforms!"

I really enjoyed chatting with John, his wife somewhat talked him into the idea of having his photograph taken - he was initially a little shy about the idea.

"I'm probably frightened of lots of things. I'm not frightened of spiders like lots of people are but I am careful about them. Don't really like touching them much. Don't like snakes. And I wouldn't swim in a river that had crocodiles"

I asked if there was anything he'd never done that he'd love to do..

"I wouldn't mind looking at the titanic"

23 May 2009


"I'm looking for a job. Retail, bar, anything like that really"

Sarah gave very little away. She was walking down the street with two friends. She was happy to be photographed. And I found her easy to photograph. She looked at the pictures briefly afterwards, then remarked 'god, how pale am I? But I like that. Pale is good'

"I dress how I want. I always have. I don't go out much. Can't afford to. I'd love to go to Paris one day"

22 May 2009


"Will I be famous?.."

...said Sam when I asked to take his photograph. He was easy to photograph and to talk to. I took 2 shots, one of him looking straight at the camera which I've added to the slideshow, but I especially like this one. I snapped it as he grinned at a friend who was approaching and said "I'm having my photograph taken!" .

"I'm studying Fine Art - I'm in my final year. I've really really enjoyed it. It's brilliant"..

....."when I was a child I got into trouble for some chalk grafitti. Really that was the worst thing I did, so not too bad really. And the bravest thing I've ever done is to get a spider out of the bath!"

21 May 2009


"I've cycled 54 miles today. It is quite hot I must admit. I needed this sit down"

Brian was having a break from cycling the Marriots Way path. It is a very warm day. He is happy to be photographed, if a little bewildered at being asked.

"I did cycle Lands End to John O'Groats. It was brilliant. But I have to say I do wish I'd walked it. Would take a lot longer, but I think I'd have been able to see a lot more at that pace. I don't think I'll get to do it now though"

20 May 2009


"I taught for a long time. But I didn't enjoy it particularly! I certainly wouldn't enjoy it nowadays"

I spotted Lorna from quite a distance. She has great style. The sort of style you imagine a person has always had. She is sparky and quick

"I was born in 1922. I left school and worked in an office. Then the war came. I worked as a mental deficiency nurse - as it was called then. There was then a shortage of teachers - they developed a fast track teacher training thing and I signed up for it - that's how I ended up in Norfolk. I was born in Liverpool but I have been here a lot longer than I was up north.
I only ever wish I'd gone to France. I just wish I'd done that, but I when I was young and could get the most from it. It's too late now"

19 May 2009


"I've just finished A-levels. I think I did okay"

Aimee said she hates being photographed but decided she'd say yes. I was very grateful and tried to be very quick.

"I studied dance for ages. I miss it now, but just don't have the time. I might do it again one day. I was very proud when I once got 98% in a dance exam"

18 May 2009


"Any good memories of my childhood involve my mother. She was the dearest, darling, most beloved person ever in my life. I adored her. And if anyone ever says I'm anything like her then it's the most wonderful thing ever"

Dawn was sitting on a bench and when I asked to photograph her she laughed and replied - "Well of course you can, if you want a picture of an old age pensioner"

"I think it's so so sad that so many children now seem to stay young for such a short amount of time. It's like they are not allowed to simply be children. I was allowed to be a child, well I'm an eternal child really!"

"I've been learning about, investigating, my family tree, like so many people are now. I discovered that I'm a descendant of Horatio Nelson! I think that's pretty amazing. It could end up like the other stories we hear - that there turns out to be a murderer or a call girl somewhere I didn't know about but I was amazed to find out about Nelson"

17 May 2009


"I've been doing this for about 20 years now. It is quite heavy to lug about. I actually have two of these"

I love harps, so was pleased to find one on the street and a good face with it. Rod has a nice twinkle in his eye and an easy manner.
We didn't talk more than this as I didn't want to disturb him - he was busy making beautiful music.

16 May 2009


"Oh but can I sort my hair out first?....I'm so ugly!"

Eva was laughing as she frantically tried to change how she looked (which didn't need changing at all!). I was struck from quite a distance away by her eyes and colouring and was thrilled that she said yes.

"Friends and family are most important to me. I have so many good childhood memories, I remember singing away to songs with my little brother.."

15 May 2009


"I walked on fire once"

Abigail told me this was one of the bravest things she had done - "It was only a short distance, and very quick, but I did do it anyway.."

"I didn't get into much trouble as a kid really, but I remember I was sometimes a bit sly" -
Her sister who was stood beside her agreed enthusuastically! They laughed about this.

"I'm a beauty therapist now. I love it"

14 May 2009


"I went to the Arctic. it was amazing"

Pat was walking with his wife and smiled when I asked to photograph him. His wife remarked that it's not the first time somebody has asked.

"We were on a surveying ship, right there in the middle of icebergs. It was 3 degrees and sunny every day. It was absolutely beautiful. One of the best things we ever did"

I was captivated by their descriptions of it all. His wife described how she had taken a photograph of Pat leaning over the side of the ship - looking at it all, and how his beard was even longer then. She loves the picture and has had it made bigger to keep. I found myself imagining what an incredible picture that must be.

"...I'm also into Steam Engines. Fred Dibnah was on one of my engines once.."

13 May 2009


"I'd love to go back in time. That would be amazing wouldn't it?"

Stavros was walking along the street with a friend. He was very animated. He replied 'course you can!' when I asked, and immediately leapt to one side of the street and adopted this pose. His friend observed that he looked like a convict. He stood absolutely still while I took 2 shots. A real character.

12 May 2009


"I'm really proud of my restorations. On motorbikes. I love working on bikes"

Richard stopped his work for a moment or two and agreed to be photographed. It was a simple straightforward process. Richard was happy to talk and interested in the project.

"I'm retired now...used to work for BP. I still work on bikes. I've just come back from 7 weeks in Sicily. It rained almost all the time and was very expensive. But I did enjoy it anyway"

11 May 2009


"I am a carpenter. Everything that you see here that is made from wood - I made"

Keith was working hard as a volunteer at a building restoration project. He agreed to be photographed and his lovely dog Megan sat at our feet watching it all.

"I've worked as a carpenter all my life, and lived in Norfolk all my life. The industry has changed so much in that time. For one thing, hardly any young people are learning the skills - no more apprenticeships seem to happen. And that's how I began you see.."

10 May 2009


"I'm looking for a hat"

Clearly, this man's name is not busker, but in the midst of our conversations about his search for a hat and how he got by, I forgot to write down the name he told me. Normally I remember the name, but I have doubts on this occasion and don't want to risk getting it wrong.

"I like to have a hat on the ground for when I am playing my fiddle, but I lost my hat. I am looking for a hat to buy, but so many are so expensive"

I almost wanted to give him my hat, but the one I am wearing on this day is distinctly feminine, with lines of glitter in it, certainly not his style.

"I am camped out on the coast at the moment. I find food to eat in the wild. And I busk to earn a little money"

9 May 2009


"Although I lost George 13 years ago now, I always keep my wedding ring on"

Jean had lost George, but they had been married many years and I was very touched by her very strong love and fondness for him. We talked for quite a while about this and many other things. Jean was full of humour, spirit and compassion.

"I still have photographs of him and movies too! We used to go scrambling on our motorbikes. I loved going on the motorbikes, and I still watch the movies of that sometimes.....I had a stroke..but I've recovered really well...the doctor said to me - 'you are a very unusual woman and we all love you here!' I spend time visiting the homeless, I feel like that's an important thing for me to do...and every single night, I say my prayers for the hungry and homeless - I was brought up this way...
...you have to be the person that you are...you can't pretend to be anything else"

8 May 2009


"I'm scared of the taxman. And women"

Philip was with some other men by the sea, around some fishing boats.

I liked the rough weathered look about his face, but struggled to explain this without it sounding slightly insulting. And although he agreed to be photographed, he did try to delegate the task to others around him, calling his friends over and suggesting they'd be better!
I had two shots of him looking at the camera, but they were more self conscious (not least because his friends were staring!) and failed to capture what I saw of him initially. So, I snapped this one of him looking down at a more relaxed moment.
"I'm a builder really. You can tell that by the state of my van. I'm a fisherman part-time"

7 May 2009


"I'd really really love to go snowboarding!"

Mark was walking with his dog Lucy and was intrigued by my request - "will I be famous?" he joked.

"I've done lots of other things. I'm into motorbikes, done waterskiing. Would love to ride route 66 too......"

"I'm most proud of my kids. My daughter came home to visit, first time I'd seen her for a while. I didn't want her to leave....wondering how long it would be till she'd visit again..you know?

6 May 2009


"I'm really very ordinary!"

I thought Terry looked far from it, his face caught my eye with his bright mischevious eyes. He was brilliant to photograph. He was very relaxed and his energy was captured easily and quickly. We had a brief conversation. He was friendly - unassuming and gentle in character.

"I work in House Of Fraser. In Ralph Lauren. I grew up in Kent, but am settled here now"

5 May 2009


"I'm at the stage when it would be good to be thinking about retiring"

I asked Martin - so will you be? He laughed a little, then sighed - "nope!"

"I like to play the piano, but I do still work a lot.....I grew up in The Midlands, but I've been in Norfolk for over 30 years now"

4 May 2009


"One of the things I've always wanted to do is to go up in a hot air balloon. And very soon I will be doing that!"

I found Katie putting up a Yurt with some friends. It wasn't going quite to plan but they were all being very good humoured about it and Katie was happy to step away and be photographed for a moment.

"..I did steal some bubblegum from a sweetshop when I was a child. I didn't actually get caught, though I did feel bad about it for ages.."

3 May 2009


"My birthday is in November. And I remember that when I was a young child it actually snowed, for the first time that year, ON my birthday. That seemed pretty magical. I've never forgotten that"

I took this photograph just as Bob was remembering this. He was amused as I had practically darted out of an alleyway to ask to take his photograph.

"One of the best experiences for me was living in Brussels for 14 years. I applied for a job and just got it! So I went. It was a great experience"

2 May 2009


"One day I would love to hear the music I've written being played somewhere"

Pat was interested to know where the picture would be kept, so I had some explaining to do, but once she realised that it was respectful, she was fine and fun to photograph.

"I'm a music teacher. And I compose. But until it is played, it never feels complete. It's sort of still empty. At least with a painting you have something there. But..just notes on a page...means nothing until you hear the music"

1 May 2009


"I am a refugee from Iraq"

Ahmed was carrying some shopping down the street, but very kindly agreed to stop a moment and to take part in this project. He was very gracious and lovely to photograph

"All my family are still in Iraq and I probably won't be able to go back. I have people here who look after me..I have a caseworker. It's hard getting used to the culture in a new country"