10 May 2009


"I'm looking for a hat"

Clearly, this man's name is not busker, but in the midst of our conversations about his search for a hat and how he got by, I forgot to write down the name he told me. Normally I remember the name, but I have doubts on this occasion and don't want to risk getting it wrong.

"I like to have a hat on the ground for when I am playing my fiddle, but I lost my hat. I am looking for a hat to buy, but so many are so expensive"

I almost wanted to give him my hat, but the one I am wearing on this day is distinctly feminine, with lines of glitter in it, certainly not his style.

"I am camped out on the coast at the moment. I find food to eat in the wild. And I busk to earn a little money"


  1. His name is Robert...

  2. I think he prefers to be called Eddie these days.
    its been a long time but your still looking very handsome dad.