18 May 2009


"Any good memories of my childhood involve my mother. She was the dearest, darling, most beloved person ever in my life. I adored her. And if anyone ever says I'm anything like her then it's the most wonderful thing ever"

Dawn was sitting on a bench and when I asked to photograph her she laughed and replied - "Well of course you can, if you want a picture of an old age pensioner"

"I think it's so so sad that so many children now seem to stay young for such a short amount of time. It's like they are not allowed to simply be children. I was allowed to be a child, well I'm an eternal child really!"

"I've been learning about, investigating, my family tree, like so many people are now. I discovered that I'm a descendant of Horatio Nelson! I think that's pretty amazing. It could end up like the other stories we hear - that there turns out to be a murderer or a call girl somewhere I didn't know about but I was amazed to find out about Nelson"

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