9 May 2009


"Although I lost George 13 years ago now, I always keep my wedding ring on"

Jean had lost George, but they had been married many years and I was very touched by her very strong love and fondness for him. We talked for quite a while about this and many other things. Jean was full of humour, spirit and compassion.

"I still have photographs of him and movies too! We used to go scrambling on our motorbikes. I loved going on the motorbikes, and I still watch the movies of that sometimes.....I had a stroke..but I've recovered really well...the doctor said to me - 'you are a very unusual woman and we all love you here!' I spend time visiting the homeless, I feel like that's an important thing for me to do...and every single night, I say my prayers for the hungry and homeless - I was brought up this way...
...you have to be the person that you are...you can't pretend to be anything else"

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