14 May 2009


"I went to the Arctic. it was amazing"

Pat was walking with his wife and smiled when I asked to photograph him. His wife remarked that it's not the first time somebody has asked.

"We were on a surveying ship, right there in the middle of icebergs. It was 3 degrees and sunny every day. It was absolutely beautiful. One of the best things we ever did"

I was captivated by their descriptions of it all. His wife described how she had taken a photograph of Pat leaning over the side of the ship - looking at it all, and how his beard was even longer then. She loves the picture and has had it made bigger to keep. I found myself imagining what an incredible picture that must be.

"...I'm also into Steam Engines. Fred Dibnah was on one of my engines once.."

1 comment:

  1. He wasn't on a surveying ship in the Arctic! He was there because he's Father Christmas surely????

    What a lovely sounding man and a fab fab photo as usual Max!