16 June 2009


"I am now the head of five generations"

Constance is 87. We sat on a bench and talked for a while about some of her life experiences, the good parts and some of the painful losses - the more difficult times. Constance is a very strong woman.

"I grew up in the country, here in Norfolk. In Ditchingham. My family owned a small-holding. I used to wash the eggs that came! Two good things I remember that happened to me when I was older. I was on the jury for a shotgun case, for two weeks! And I delivered a friend's baby. All by myself. I happened to be awake in the night, at 4am, with my small son, as he had toothache and the doorbell rang. A woman I hardly knew said she was crawling around the bushes just looking for a light, she needed help. I left my son with my husband and went and delivered her baby"

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