7 June 2009


"I was in the Royal Military Police. And then the French Foreign Legion. That all went wrong...for lots of reasons. I'm now a committed Christian"

I was actually quite nervous approaching Gary as he sat in his black cab. It felt fine as soon as we talked. Not sure what I was nervous about! It was all rather chaotic and comical - taking a shot, trying to talk, intermittently I was required to shuffle foward some more as he moved along in the taxi rank area - other taxi drivers peering at me out of their windows.

"I'm training up to row across the Atlantic Oceon. From Lisbon to Antigua. That's 4200 miles. I'm doing it for Mulitple Sclerosis research. And it would be a world record journey to row"

"Becoming a Christian changed my life. I was never religious. At all. But many people would benefit from the basic message - taking care of each other"

Gary gave me a small poster about his rowing trip:-

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  1. what a lovely picture...you've actualy made me look good!!! a miracle indeed!