13 June 2009


"I'm scared of storms. And maybugs!"

Mary was in her garden and agreed to take part in this project. She is a fine art valuer who runs her own business. She was easy to talk to and we got the shots very quickly.

"I'm scared of storms, the whole thing, the lightning, the noise. When we moved here to this house there was a huge storm and lightning struck the big telegraph pole just over there. The tv and video blew up....it was horrible. And Im scared of maybugs. Horrible furry things that bumble about. I had broken my collar bone once and was recovering, sat in bed in a neck brace and plaster. And a huge maybug flew in and was heading straight for me. Well, what do you do? You start flaying your arms about don't you? So I did, and it all got broken again, it was a mess, took ages to heal"

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