29 September 2009


"The list of things I'd love to do is just too long!"

Sarah kindly stepped out of the bright sunlight into the dappled shade, on a very hot day, to let me take her picture. She is very bright yet self effacing and easy to spend time with.

"I'd like to write a book. It would be non-fiction, probably something about foreign travel, international development, hard to explain, but it's one of my interests..."

"..one of the most striking moments in my life was when I was staying in India. The contrast between rich and poor was staggering. Near a hotel, that was made into a kind of palace, just outside the amazing gates the scene changed and it was poverty. It felt very uncomfortable. And humbling. Actually that experience has affected my whole life since, and the decisions I've made.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful photo as ever!
    I was thinking that she looked serene and benevolent, and then I read her words and found that yet again you'd managed to catch the essence of a person with your magic lens!