1 July 2009


"I was always the quiet one at the back of the class. Though I did get into trouble for throwing a paper aeroplane at the teacher once.."

It was great fun to photograph Abi. I absolutely love it if people perform a little for the camera, and the moment I picked up the camera here - it worked. Suddenly, instead of standing around in a crowded hot outdoor shopping area, it feels like the set of a 1950's movie! I love candid street photography, but I also love creating the opportunity for people to look into the lens and know what's happening - I find the collaborative element interesting.

"I'm a perfumary consultant. I feel like I'm setting down plans for my life. I don't live here, I live in Camden, London. And I always wanted to live in London when I was a child"

"...I also always wanted to see Michael Jackson in concert. But that won't happen now!"

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