5 July 2009


"Yeah, you're just trying to do your thing. Just like I am"

Danny was busking. It was a bit of a weird moment. As I approached, a girl was asking him if he'd seen her phone - she'd dropped it. She was clutching a purple felt flower, just like the one I have on my camera strap. Then I looked on my strap and it was gone. Obviously had fallen off and she'd found it. I explained and she gave it to me. She added 'I was annoyed I'd dropped my phone, but finding that felt like a bit of a cheer-up'. I then so wanted to give her the flower as she walked away, but I really really love the flower too. I felt bad about that. I hope she found her phone. As it happened, it paved the way to having a chat with Danny who was watching this whole thing unfold. He was amused by it - "It doesn't matter. You should keep your flower. She'll be okay" he remarked

He was great to photograph and brilliantly co-operative. He said I could photograph him whenever I wanted, for an hour if I like!

"I'm a manic depressive. And a bit of a compulsive gambler really" (he smiled sheepishly at that part, while rolling a cigarette) - "music gets me through, doing this gets me through"

"...I had 3 really vivid moments in my life. You know, bits that settle in your head and kind of wham! without you really knowing why. One was just running up a hill with another girl when I was about 10. It was like time stood still for a bit. Another was drinking bacardi with a friend in a a park as a teenager. And another was when I was in a home as a kid, I went to Sunday School. I was staring for ages a nativity scene we'd all made. It got in my head somehow, you know? I was very young then"

"I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid of failing" He laughed then, a bit self consciously, and he said "that's weird, you were looking at me then like you knew that was coming". It was weird, because I don't think I did know.

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