16 July 2009


"I hated school. Despised it. It taught me absolutely nothing at all"

I spotted David in a shop chatting to the owner. I waited outside for quite a while for him to stop talking and come out. It was worth the wait, as he was perfectly happy to be photographed and we chatted for quite a while

"I'm a jazz critic. I love jazz. I remember that many years ago, in a lunchbreak from my chef's job, I walked past a shop window and there was a poster about some jazz and I wondered about it. And that's where it all began. If I could go back to myself then, at that age, I'd tell myself I was right to wonder whether the job I had was right, that it was best to move on - it was stifling, no creativity, not the sort I needed. But advice doesn't work really, you only learn by living it through. I've had some great experiences doing this work, met some amazing people. The nights at Ronnie Scotts... And I used to be so painfully shy. So so timid. It was quite crippling"

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