11 July 2009


"I don't like how the world is now"

Dennis looked very serious and lost in thought as he stood amongst the shops, leaning against a stone wall, watching the world go by. I hesitated to approach, but he didn't hesitate to agree and was lovely to chat with, he had a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humour

"I used to work on Norwich Market all my working life. On the fruit stall. Now I come into the city everyday and just watch.......I want to see more police on the beat. Especially down Prince Of Wales Road, with all the clubs and all that trouble that gets caused. I used to go out when I was a lad down to a place here called The Blue Room. A good pub. There was never any trouble. Not ever. Thing is, if a policeman ever saw you do anything, you'd get a good warning. And then if they saw you do it again, you'd get a smack round the ear"

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