14 July 2009


"I remember moving house, when I was very little....about 4 I think"

Emma was working to support her studies at the UEA - sitting behind a street ice cream cart at a quiet moment. Her face caught my eye....and then actually, she asked me 'what is it about a face that makes you choose it?'. It felt so hard to explain. It's not about beauty, though some of these faces are beautiful by many people's standards. It's about an impact. This is bigger and deeper than beauty. And what impacts on me may bore somebody else. But I find all faces interesting - up close. And if everybody I asked had said yes, I would have a blog that was even more diverse. Women particularly feel very self conscious, especially if they do not conform to standard ideas of beauty. I don't think I gave Emma any kind of answer like this, I didn't really know how to answer, but I have thought about it since

"....I watched my mum packing things for the move. And I remember that I got in a panic because I couldn't find my favourite teddy. And then it was found.."

"....I took 5 driving tests. And failed. And I kept going. And going. And on the 6th, I passed! It was brilliant!"

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