2 July 2009


"I could tell you about a very surreal experience!"

Kassem was at a shopping centre and was very cool about the whole thing. He was with his girlfriend (Abi - below) and relieved not to be going into a shop for a little while. I had asked to photograph him, and he initially volunteered Abi. I'm glad he did as they were both great to photograph

"I was at a club in London. It was a thing where people were dressed as Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse - but in military uniform....That's weird enough..I know..But I was dancing on a big stage and there were like a 1,000 people all dressed up like this. And I was dancing away, looking through these little cut out eyes at it all, having a great time. But then don't know what happened, something tipped or fell, and I was suddenly flat on my back, fallen over, staring at the lights above"

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