10 July 2009


"You can take my picture - I already know about your project!"

I was taken aback at this, usually I have to explain. But it turned out that Lydia had been sat with a man I had photographed some weeks back. And then I remembered her. It was an experience I'd tried to forget - the one and only occasion when somebody had said yes to being photographed and I wished they'd said no as soon as I picked up the camera. He became completely obnoxious and insulting and I had left, deleting his picture as I went! Lydia had witnessed all this as she had been sitting with the man as I arrived and I remembered that she too had been bewildered and embarrassed by how he had been

"he gave you a hard time. It was weird. I was chatting and he had seemed so kind. And then he did that"

It was an enjoyable coincidence to talk to Lydia as the event had kind of lingered a bit in my mind, and I suddenly felt rather like I was sounding off to her about it. It was good to have opportunity to talk about it with someone who'd been there! But actually, to have taken photographs of this many faces and to only have been insulted once is not bad going!

"tonight I am going out with my sister. We get on better nowadays than we used to. We are very different people, with different interests. But we get along well now"

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