27 August 2009


"Well yes. If you really want my face in your project?!"

Shirley was intrigued but completely bewidered by my request. I spotted her working in a very stylish upmarket ladies clothes shop. I entered the store to ask her and felt completely out of place amongst all the crisp clean beautiful clothes. It felt like a different world to the street outside. Shirley looked incredibly well dressed and groomed.

"I was one of 6 kids. A middle child. I had to fight. I was happy but I did have to fight. I still feel like I have to fight sometimes even now. That never goes away. I have 3 children myself and always have tried to make that different. I had children quite young, really I kind of grew up with them. My childhood was definitely happy, but it was tough - really just because of all the children. We all learnt how to look after ourselves"

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