31 August 2009


"...although I miss Barbara so much...it's also changed the person I was.."

Nicky told me what had been happening with him. I was not only touched by his story but also that he trusted me with it

"...I lost my long term partner to cancer quite recently. It's a huge loss. But it's opened up another side of me too. Things that used to seem a big deal just aren't anymore, if you know what I mean... everything is different... I have more patience...more tolerance yes. I was never an unkind person, but even with my grandchildren it's different, I'm better with them. I take better care of myself too. More exercise, more respect..."

30 August 2009


"I think a sense of humour is most important"

Brian was initially reluctant to take part in this project but was persuaded by the person sitting beside him. He remarked that I must be desperate to be choosing him!

"I love to laugh. I guess I have a pretty wicked sense of humour. But I'm a worrier too. A big worrier. I can worry about anything. Anything at all"

29 August 2009


"In 1981 I was the World Champion in Cycle Speedway"

Phil was working in a local park - he's a landscape gardener. It was a very hot day and I had to be careful not to trample on his planting as I took the shot.

"I went to Australia for the Championships. It was amazing. Just amazing. It was also the year my first daughter was born. Quite a year!"

28 August 2009


"I'm retired now. But I'm into classic cars and spend time on that"

Guy was a little unsure about the whole thing, but agreed in any case. He was sitting on a bench, and felt a little bored waiting for his wife who was shopping!

"I'd love to go to New Zealand one day"

27 August 2009


"Well yes. If you really want my face in your project?!"

Shirley was intrigued but completely bewidered by my request. I spotted her working in a very stylish upmarket ladies clothes shop. I entered the store to ask her and felt completely out of place amongst all the crisp clean beautiful clothes. It felt like a different world to the street outside. Shirley looked incredibly well dressed and groomed.

"I was one of 6 kids. A middle child. I had to fight. I was happy but I did have to fight. I still feel like I have to fight sometimes even now. That never goes away. I have 3 children myself and always have tried to make that different. I had children quite young, really I kind of grew up with them. My childhood was definitely happy, but it was tough - really just because of all the children. We all learnt how to look after ourselves"

26 August 2009


“One of the best moments ever was seeing my best friend from childhood for the first time in years”

Katherine was sitting with a friend and agreed once she was sure she understood the project. Easy to photograph and to talk with - considering I was needing to work especially quickly as part of the BBC voices Photo ID project, dashing from one person to another

“I’m scared of spiders. And death. Well not exactly scared of death. I just don’t want to die”

“One of the first things I remember is mooning at my friend’s parents when I was very little”

25 August 2009


"I got married last Saturday, so I'm used to having a camera point at me.."

Jamie was looking very serious and as I approached I felt quite sure he would say no. I couldn't have been more wrong and he was great to photograph and talked easily

"...worst job I ever had was as a binman. It was awful. Mostly the people, you know, just the way they spoke to you. I hated it...I'm a student now. I'm studying Environmental Sciences"

"...getting married has to be the best day ever. Nothing really compares to that feeling. It was fantastic. I felt so happy. We can't go on a honeymoon straight away. But we plan to go to India"

24 August 2009


"This is my mourning hat. My cat died recently. She was 18 years old"

Alec let me take his photograph, as long as I was quick.

"I spotted this hat and decided it was perfect for the job. She was not well in the last few months and then she got much worse and I had to take her to the vets for the last time. I'd had her since she was a kitten. She was called Spyder"

"....one of my favourite places is the Scottish Highlands. I love the Isle of Skye. It blew me away the first time I went there"

"...both of my children being born were the best moments ever. That and getting married"

23 August 2009


“I’m quite geeky really”

Matthew was sat in the sunshine with a friend and agreed to be photographed, though he seemed by nature quite shy, so I worked as quickly as I could

“..I like meeting up with friends and playing guitar. R&B. Hardcore”

“…I have a really strong memory of the first time I went swimming as a child. I loved it”

22 August 2009


“I was very good at avoiding getting into trouble as a child. Yes, I was sly!”

Alice was chatty and interesting. She was bright, sparky and easy to talk with and to photograph. It was a bright sunny day, so we were moving around the base of a tree, trying to find a spot where the sun was not totally in her face.

“I’m studying psychology. I get worried as I’m always reading, all the time, about graduates on the dole. Don’t want all the work I do to be for nothing”

21 August 2009


“my earliest memory is going to my friend’s house and eating peanut butter sandwiches”

As I picked up the lens and pointed it at Matt, I was struck so strongly by how you can see the child he once was. I found his face quite moving actually. I think I said ‘wow, you really have quite a childlike face’ without really thinking that not many young men aged 17 would want to hear that. But actually, he smiled and said ‘yeah I do’. He understood what I meant – he knew it was okay.

“if I had loads of money and not much longer to live…I’d probably just give it all to charity”

20 August 2009


“I like riding my bicycle…. and looking after children”

Hayley was quietly spoken and very gentle. It wasn’t easy for her being photographed as her two friends were laughing, so then she began – it became quite difficult to not begin myself. But actually, it sort of calmed her too - so managed a quick snap between her bursts of giggles

“I’m good at hugging! The most important person in my life is Matt"

19 August 2009


“Yeah, you could say I’m an undiscovered musician. That makes it sound like I have confidence!”

“I play mandolin, guitar. All sorts.."

I took this photograph of Sam at The Forum in Norwich. I persuaded him to step upstairs from the darker room of the BBC voices studio to the airy light of the main indoor square

“my earliest memory…it’s a beach, a very long beach. There’s a dog. I’ve no idea where I am or how I got there. But I remember that”

“I’d like to go to China. And Japan. Most of all I’d love to meet the author Haruki Murakami”

18 August 2009


"I was in the Royal Air Force. A long time ago now. And really I was a very small cog in a very big wheel"

Peter was completely happy to be photographed and talked easily. He had a great sense of humour and a mischevious streak - he first told me his name was Michael Cain.

"I'm still involved with the Air Force. I am secretary for the 214 Squadron Association. I would have loved to have flown The Hawker Hunter"

17 August 2009


"When I was meditating, I felt like I was being told that I should paint pictures that make people question their sexuality"

Mark was creating art on the streets in the city. He was very grateful when I gave a donation and was happy to be photographed and to chat

"I got into meditation years ago after a relationship ended and it changed everything for me. It's like I can listen to that voice now that tells me what I need to do. Everybody has that if they listen"

16 August 2009


“..my advice to the world would be to shop more at Top Shop!”

Georgia was sat with her mum on a bench, happy to be photographed, while her mum made absolutely clear that we must not photographed her!

I was walking Norwich this day collecting faces for this project but also for BBC voices contribution to the Photo ID exhibition at the Forum. Images from this project are being shown there on the fusion screens. I had a young volunteer helper called Hugo from BBC voices walking with me - therefore many of the faces over the next few days are younger people that he spotted on the street and knew!

“I’ve left high school. I’m going to be studying drama, theatre classes..eventually I’d like to become a nurse”

15 August 2009


"I'm called William, but everyone calls me Wink"

Wink was with his twin brother enjoying the convention. He was totally happy about taking part in this project and was very interested in it

"..all my memories from young are about playing with my two brothers. We all get on great"

"..I love this convention. I love seeing all these people together, it's amazing..I'd love to open my own studio one day!"

14 August 2009


"I see people staring. And then when I look at them, they glance away and pretend they weren't"

I felt bit nervous approaching Matthew, but he was not at all intimidating to talk to and was very easy to photograph.

"I know it can intimidate. But I'm quite happy for people to talk to me or ask me about it. I quite like that it makes an impact, but I'm not trying to scare"

"..I really enjoyed getting my face done. Didn't hurt. It was great. My mate is a tattooist"

13 August 2009


"Art is important to me. I paint"

Kritsada commanded a kind of respect by his presence. He was one of the artists working at the convention and after I had spoken briefly with him a younger man had tentatively approached him and asked for his advice on entering the profession. Kritsada seemed a kind quietly spoken man.

"I am from Thailand originally. I live in York now. I love to visit Germany too"

"..I am working towards painting the whole one side of my body black. I have done some...my leg here..and my arm. I don't know why I want to do it. I just am"

12 August 2009


"my tattoos are all about stories. Kind of life markers and how they made me feel"

Cameron was great to talk with. He talked easily and freely and was great to photograph. He was sat in this pose as I approached and I simply asked him to hold it.

"..like this tattoo is about my son..He's two and a half....another one is about a friend's stillborn baby.."

"..becoming a parent has been the best thing. I'm a young parent, as my dad was. I hope to travel more once my son is older"

"..I hated school. It was the most restricting time of my life. Once I left and got into work I did just fine"

11 August 2009


"Best moment ever has to be giving birth to my daughter. She's 11 now"

Sam was a great help to me, not only by agreeing to take part in this project, but also giving me tips on where and what time to find others gathering from the convention. And chasing after me with my sunglasses that I left behind on the cafe table!

"I was suspended from school for smoking in the loos. Actually I liked school. Just could have done better. Got in with wrong group of people really"

"..I'm good at caring..family and friends are important to me....I have no regrets.."

10 August 2009


"One of my earliest memories was being really upset to find out I wasn't a princess"

Niki was in a small group along with Rod and also agreed to take part in the project. They had travelled to Norfolk all the way from Wales

"..I loved school. I loved being top of the class. It meant I wasn't popular. I was disliked. But I really didn't care. I didn't like them either. I just zoned off, it was a different sort of rebellion"

"..bravest thing I ever did was modelling for a life drawing class. It was among my uni friends too. Awful.."

9 August 2009


"I'd like to go to Heaven. And then come back"

I found Rod sitting outside a cafe. He was one of many people walking around Norwich with tattoos/body art. I discovered that Norwich was holding a body art convention and so I decided to collect a selection of faces that were altered in some way - either by art/piercings or body modification. The next six faces after this one were all involved in or attending this event. Rod is also a tattooist himself

"My face tattoos were done by a New Zealand artist in the original hand tapped style - using a sharpened pigs tooth"

"..the best decision I ever made was to leave the army"

8 August 2009


"The worst job I've ever done so far is door to door sales. Selling gas and electric..."

Jamie was sat with a friend on some steps. They both made the task a lot easier by chatting easily and laughing politely at my usual flustered ramblings.

"..it was just so awful walking from door to door saying the same thing over and over and having people shut the door in your face.."

"...I love going on road trips with my mates. Like we might go and visit a mate in Wales and camp out.. It's my 21st this year, we are going to hire a boat on the broads"

7 August 2009


"I'd love to be a vocalist for a hard-core punk band"

Sid wasn't thrilled about being photographed, so I was very quick. But he was happy to talk.

"I'm a type 1 diabetic. Unfortunately I now have kidney failure and am on dialysis awaiting a kidney and pancreatic transplant. People often say 'but you look so well', but thing is, they don't see me when I'm not well as I'm not out and about then."

Being the mother of a young son who is type 1 diabetic made the conversation especially interesting and moving for me. I wished him well and hope it all works out for him.

6 August 2009


"I said yes because I understand this sort of thing"

Zeynep is naturally creative and interested - she will be going to Art College soon. She didn't hesitate to agree to taking part in this project. She spoke with me a little about being a muslim in this country - her experiences have been very positive. She was completely okay about me asking questions. I had been curious about the fact that if I have asked a muslim women who is married, they have said no - or more usually the men they are with have said no. Zeynep was able to explain more to me about this and it helped me understand. I felt rather embarrassed about my ignorance, so I appreciated her talking with me about it.

"we were so excited to move to the UK all those years ago. Our father loves the UK and we picked up that excitement"

5 August 2009


"I'd like to drive a Ford Mustang through an old age pensioners home..."

"..only if it was my last day on earth. Just something outrageous. Actually I think I'd like to do it anyway. Nah, not really. Well maybe..."

Josh had this kind of sense of humour, actually he seemed a very nice person! He was just imagining what he might do in that scenario.

"..I got locked in my room all day once for stealing money from my dad. I learnt my lesson"

4 August 2009


"I fear getting hurt. Emotionally"

Lea was totally up for being photographed and whipped her hat off to reveal her hairstyle.

"I shaved my hair off when I was in primary school once. Got into lots of trouble for that..."

"....I wish I had the guts to sing in front of lots of people. I love it, but can't face doing that"

3 August 2009


"I'm a retired nurse. And a very mature student!"

Tessa was sitting outside on a warm evening with some friends. She agreed to be photographed without hesitation, but joked 'this might be because I've had a glass of wine'.

"I'm joining a course - Visual Studies. I don't miss nursing at all"

"My strongest memory from childhood is my mum's garden. It was beautiful. I can remember the smells, the colours, everything. It's all there. It left me with a love of nature that's never gone away. I would hate not to be able to enjoy all that. I am afraid of ever getting some kind of long term illness that stopped me being able to walk, or ride my bike, or explore life..."

2 August 2009


"I've been around the block. Three times!"

I spotted Gerry as she had approached some buskers and was spontaneously harmonizing with them. A lively character. And as lively characters often say yes to my requests, I approached!

"I love singing. Have always done it. I won a talent competition when I was a child for it too!"

"..one of the most embarrassing things that ever happened was when I was a teenager and I was dating this guy. And I was too shy to admit I needed to go to the loo, so while he went to the loo, I decided to rush into the ladies really quickly. But in my haste to get out, I had tucked a loo brush under my arm instead of my brolly. I had some explaining to do"

1 August 2009


"I was one of nine kids. And we all knew the rules"

Colin told me all about how things were in such a big family. And how things were as he was going out and about as a youth

"we all had our jobs and we all got on with it....and when I was going out later on I'd go to Samsons club. There was no alcohol at all...you had to go outside if you wanted a drink. It was all rock and roll music. And it was a good night too! We'd leave later on and go to get chips from Timberhill. the police would be following you and then they'd say 'right, you got 10 minutes to get yourself home!'. And the police were big blokes then, there were rules that said they had to be so big. Nowadays they look like little kids who couldn't handle themselves"