19 September 2009


"what gets me through is looking forward to tomorrow"

Berris had a look of fantasy about him, quite captivating. And it was about more than his large beard and floaty hair. His manner and his words had the same air about them.

"In 1964, I had a terrible head injury. I was travelling on a scooter, leaving one girlfriend to go to visit another....and I was wearing a very good protective helmet, But I was knocked off. Cut my head right from here (pointing at top) right to the back . I was told in 1999 that maybe I could just about consider myself recovered from the shock of it. It was too big to ignore. I have memory problems and my speech is slow. It was life changing, but I don't think who I am changed. The me is just the same. I get lost all the time, but I rather enjoy it! People always help. It was a worry when I travelled around on my trips. I worried that the coach might leave without me for instance, if I wandered. It would have been very awkward being left in Russia. But it never did"

"...I paint. Really I should be painting....I'd love to travel to the Far East. I loved Istanbul. My mother grew up there. I never went as a child, but when I did go, it felt strangely like home"

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