13 September 2009


"..that woman recently that had the social services on to her because she smacked her son for swearing at her. That's mad. If I'd sworn at my mum, I'd not have hit the ground for 50 yards.."

Lesley was a little cautious about being photographed but decided he didn't care actually, as having no computer meant he'd never see the image

"...it's gone too far the other way, kids don't know where they're at now..."

"..my niece came to visit from Canada. I hadn't seen her for years and years, thought I never would again. Such precious times. And she still recognised me straight away, so I can't be ageing too badly. I think how you age and how you look has to do with how you think about things. People are always grumbling about little things, you have to just let it go.."

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