18 October 2009


"18th August 1946. The best day of my life. The day I married my wife. She hasn't changed a single little bit"

Clifford and his wife were together at a bus stop. They both talked to me for quite a time, though his wife did not want to be photographed (I was disappointed but understood. She had a wonderful face). As we parted he kissed my hand and gave me a Murray Mint! His wife remarked that he's always giving them to women!

"...and we have a cross word every day. We are both about to turn 80. We argue all the time. How can we not when neither of us ever stop talking!"

"...I wanted to be a sailor. I dreamt of being a sailor. But my father made me join the army.."

"..you have to keep going, keep lively. I hurt my ankle a while back, but I just kept going on it as best I can, and it sorts itself out"

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