15 September 2009


"I'm Emma Elizabeth. I'm from Derbyshire really. And sometimes the Derbyshire in me comes out - you know?"

Emma was incredibly funny. She would say something mischevious to me and then follow it with a playful punch on my arm - I almost felt bruised by the end

"I worked at Pleasley Vale Mills in Derbyshire for years. I'm 80 now you know. It was on the telly, that Most Haunted programme. Years ago, if the girls didn't work hard enough, they would get taken to the top tower bit and pushed off and were killed! I didn't know that when I worked there. I'd have worked a bit harder if I did - just incase you know! ha!" (punch..)

"I loved my grandma, she brought me up really. My dad did show me once where my parents conceived me. In an orchard 'in there you were made' he said. I think now - blimey, no wonder I'm fruity!" (punch...)"

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  1. Emma's wonderful! I wish I'd met her too!

    It's Jo here, I can only post anon!