8 September 2009


"I remember my nana dying. I was 3. I found her. I walked in and just said 'what's wrong with nana?' and she was just dead in her chair"

Everything Michala said intrigued me and made me smile, even this story. As she talked further, it was clear she had made peace with the event and remembers it with the same fond humour that she remembers her nana with. She told me everything in a matter of fact fashion, but not at all lacking in sensitivity.

"I lived with her. And my dad - he was in the army. I loved her. She had had breast cancer and she had false breasts. And I used to carry them around in a basket when she wasn't wearing them, It was just how things were. It was all fine"

"...I work part time as I have a 12 year old daughter. That's all going fine. She's great"

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