29 October 2009


"I remember being 3. I used to like to chew bacon. My grandma would come home and check my mouth for bacon"

I had not initially felt brave enough to approach Ahmed. He was sat on a bench. He was a very tall man and he was sat looking pretty fed up. I felt worried that I would just annoy him if I approached. I passed again a bit later and he was sat with his wife and they were both smiling. I decided to risk it.. He was happy to say yes once he understood what it was for.

"I am visiting here. I teach Africology at The University of Wisconsin. My students are a bit scared of me too...I say 'why didn't you come talk to me about this' and they say 'cos you look too mean'!"

"I tried to stop a man beating up a woman once, but she attacked me, screaming at me 'that's my man!"

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