21 October 2009


"..establishing my business is the best thing I've done.."

Clare was with Josh. They were looking at some market goods and she was singing away to some music that was playing. I liked how she seemed unselfconscious. She was a bit taken aback when I asked to photograph her, but then decided to have fun with it and perform a little.

"..I'm a headhunter in architecture. I know the face doesn't fit really but that's what I do.."

"..but I'm also in a band. A ska band. We're called No Doubt Tribute"


  1. and i love her too!

  2. Hey Maxine!

    Thanks for shooting Clare, thanks to you, Ive been in touch with her regarding her No Doubt Tribute band, and she has agreed to play at my wedding reception sometime next year!

    The project is looking fab as ever!

    Dee x